Replacing a 3200 Option Card

Replacing an option card on a 3200 Local Manager requires on-site access and the ability to issue a shutdown either through the front panel or CLI.

1. Shut down the Local Manager

Use the front panel (or CLI) to issue the shutdown command. For the front panel, press the center button, then scroll down to Shutdown. Press the center button to confirm the command. Wait for the Local Manager to power down.

2. Use the thumb screws to remove the option card from the 3200

Remove console cables. If the thumb screws have been over-tightened, a screwdriver may be required to remove the option card.

3. Remove the option card and inspect the option card bay

Ensure the white connector at the back of the bay is properly seated. If it is out of position, the new option card may not resolve the problem.

4. Install the new option card

Insert the option card and use the thumb screws to secure it to the chassis. Re-attach console cables.

5. Power on the Local Manager

Press the center button to power up the Local Manager. Once the display is scrolling information, log into the CLI and run show dashboard. Any previously UNAVAILABLE ports should now be operational.

Last updated on 2016-03-04 15:42:40 UTC.
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