Creating default Local Manager settings

Inventory > Group

Use the Control Center to apply a standard configuration to all Local Managers within a group.

To set up standard configurations, your role must have either Local Manager configuration permissions on the affected Local Managers or the config hierarchy permission. If your role includes the config hierarchy permission, only configurations for empty inventory groups can be set up. For more about roles and permissions, see Managing privileges.

To create default Local Manager settings:

1) Expand the Configuration menu on the left to view the list of Configuration settings (i.e., Applet, Archive, Authentication, etc.).

2) Click the setting name for each configuration setting to be defined.

3) Make any necessary changes.

4) To override settings locally defined to Local Managers in the group, select Force update on children.

5) Click Save.

Last updated on 2015-08-24 19:09:48 UTC.
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