Upgrade Notes 4.6

NOTE: This article is applicable to Control Center upgrades only.

Due to a Linux kernel update in 4.6, physical access to the server will be required to complete the upgrade to 4.6. 

  • A CD-ROM must be inserted during the upgrade process.
  • Keyboard/monitor access is required to interact with the server's boot menu
Please contact Uplogix Support (888.663.6869 or [email protected]) to schedule an upgrade. We will coordinate a date and time for the upgrade and send you a CD-ROM to be used during the upgrade process.

Upgrade Sequence
  1. Uplogix Support will perform first half of upgrade
  2. Customer inserts CD
  3. Uplogix Support shuts down server
  4. Customer powers on server
  5. Customer uses keyboard/monitor to instruct server to boot from CD (may require BIOS access to set boot order)
  6. OS is automatically upgraded on CD boot - no interaction required
  7. Customer removes CD when prompted by screen
  8. Customer reboots when prompted by screen
  9. Uplogix Support completes upgrade
Last updated on 2015-07-25 16:14:22 UTC.
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