Release Notes 4.4

Version 4.4 is now available.


1.    New Platform:  The Uplogix Local Manager on the Cisco UCS Express inside a Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR).

2.    New Feature:  Subinterfaces - Dot1Q/VLAN support on Local Manager Ethernet management interfaces, enabling dedicated networks for SLV traffic, static routing capability for management interfaces and additional network access to the Uplogix Local Manager CLI.

3.    New Feature:  Support for Cisco IOS 15 Software

4.    New Feature:  Pull TFTP action for all drivers - Manually run or schedule a job to log into a managed device and issue a command to copy a file via TFTP from the managed device and store it in the local manager file system.

5.    New Feature:  Pull OS function added for Cisco ASA products

6.    New Feature:  Support for ARP monitoring on bonding slave interfaces

7.    New Feature:  Support for Sea Tel’s General Software Release 4 Code

8.    New Feature:  Support for the latest iDirect iDX software release

9.    New Feature:  Standard NMEA sentence Set Position Function for Enhanced Native Driver

10.   New Feature:  Multi-Tech iCell Modem USB Interface Support

11.   New Feature:  Iridium Modem Driver Enhancements - new Iridium modem monitor functionality performs a SIM card activation check and retrieves the SIM ICC ID.

12.   New Feature:  Support for C-Com iNetVu and other software applications that use High ASCII characters 

Last updated on 2015-08-02 13:57:42 UTC.
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