Serial Pass Through Using No Password

The "nopassword" feature available in 4.5.1+ allows you to remove user authentication from the login process by automatically assigning a username to incoming connections from a specific IP.

Here is how the command would look:

[[email protected] (port1/1)]# config proto pass-through enable telnet 5000 nopassword lwampler172.30.5.100
  • In the above example, any user connecting from to UplogixLM on port 5000 will be assigned a username of "lwampler" and will not be prompted for a password.
  • You will likely not want to use your personal account for this feature, so you could create a new user and give that user permissions on the port resource (or all of them).
[[email protected]]# config user noauth 
User noauth does not exist. Create (y/n): y
[config user noauth]# port 1/1 admin
[config user noauth]# password juicey
[config user noauth]# exit

Then, we would substitute this dummy user in the command:

[[email protected] (port1/1)]# config proto pass-through enable telnet 5000 nopassword noauth
  • Pass-through port will be 5000. 
  • Telnet port change will take place after the next system restart.

*If you can find a way to source your users from the same IP (either with NAT or a proxy), then the above feature should work for you.

Last updated on 2015-07-22 03:25:40 UTC.
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