This document describes the capabilities and configuration of the Subinterfaces feature in LMS 4.4.

Usage Notes

  • SLV traffic can now be directed to specific VLANs on the Local Manager Ethernet management interface (i.e. subinterfaces), enabling synthetic SLV traffic to follow the same path through the network as the real traffic being simulated/measured.
  • Multiple network interfaces can now be defined on an Uplogix Local Manager (i.e. interfaces on different VLANs), allowing users to log into the Local Manager from non-management VLANs.
  • Some networks local to the Uplogix LM may not be reachable through the out-of-band network.  Static routes can now be created on the management interface to force traffic on the Uplogix LM destined for these local networks to use the in-band Ethernet interface when routing to these specific local networks that would not be reachable over the out-of-band network.
Last updated on 2015-07-31 17:20:32 UTC.
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