What methods are available for upgrading Local Manager?

As of version 4.3, Local Managers can be upgraded via FTP, SCP, HTTP, EMS (requests file from Control Center), and USB.

[[email protected]]# config update ?
usage: update <method> <target> [options]

methods: ems, ftp, scp, http, usb options: ignoreDataLoss Update via EMS ex. config update ems / Update via FTP ex. config update ftp <[email protected]:fileName> Update via SCP ex. config update scp <[email protected]:fileName> Update via HTTP ex. config update http <http://host/fileName> Update via USB ex. config update usb [fileName] Update and Ignore Data Loss ex. config update <method> <target> ignoreDataLoss
Last updated on 2015-07-25 17:17:49 UTC.
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