Why does the PPP/VPN connection remain active after pulse is restored?

Scenario: During a network outage, the Uplogix appliance detects a Pulse failure and dials up to a local ISP. Once notified, a system administrator logs into the appliance via its out of band connection and corrects the routing error on a managed router. Pulse begins to work again, but the appliance stays orange in the Control Center and does not return automatically to in-band operation.

Problem: The appliance will not close an out of band connection until all users have logged out. This is to prevent the sudden disconnection of users who have logged in over the out of band connection to troubleshoot problems. Until the last user logs out, the appliance will appear as orange (or gray) in the Control Center.

This restriction also applies to users logged in over the console port or management ethernet port. Ensure that all users are logged out with the show who command.

Uplogix is currently working to make this feature more robust.

Last updated on 2015-08-13 18:17:26 UTC.
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