How do I configure a power controller with an Uplogix Appliance?

To configure the power controller on an Uplogix appliance, follow the following steps:

   1. Plug a straight-through ethernet cable from the powercontrol port on the
       appliance (with the 'open switch' symbol) to the serial port on the power controller.

   2. Log into your appliance and navigate to the powercontrol resource by entering the
       powercontrol command.

   3. Configure the power controller by entering the config init command.
         1. For "make" enter "ServerTech" or the make of your powercontroll unit.
         2. For "os" enter "Sentry" if your servertech is a "Power Tower", and "SentryIPT"
             if it is a "Ambassador".
         3. For "console username" enter "admn" .
         4. For "console password" enter "admn".
         5. Accept the defaults for baud rate, etc.

   4. Log into the power controller by entering the terminal command.

   5. List the available outlets by entering the show port command.

   6. Log out of the power controller by entering ~ .

   7. Map the outlets on the power controller to the appliance's managed devices by entering
       the config outlet command.

Last updated on 2015-08-21 19:56:06 UTC.
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