How do I send a tilde (~) to a remote device?


1. Cannot get a ~ character to echo on the connected device (router, switch, etc).
2. Logged into a device through another appliance and cannot escape to intermediary appliance.

Root Cause:

RMOS uses the tilde character (~) to begin an escape sequence. By pressing [ENTER] after a tilde, you can exit a terminal session. Pressing ~H displays a list of available tilde commands. If you attempt to type a ~ to the remote device, the appliance will intercept it and prepare to execute a tilde command.


1. Current versions of RMOS include a hidden tilde command, typed as ~~. The first tilde is intercepted, but when the second tilde is pressed, the appliance sends the ~ character to the remote device.

2. If you use an appliance to terminal into another appliance and then terminal into a resource (for example, the modem), then you will need to send ~~[ENTER] to exit the remote terminal session. The first ~ is intercepted by the local appliance. When you press ~ again, it sends the ~ to the remote appliance. Since we are no longer in escape mode, the [ENTER] will register on the remote appliance, thereby completing the ~[ENTER] escape sequence.

Last updated on 2015-08-10 17:23:58 UTC.
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