Why can't the appliance heartbeat while out of band?

There are several reasons why the appliance might not be able to contact the Control Center and most of them deal with routing.


If the appliance's IP address is assigned from the PPP server, make sure the two networks are routable.  You may have to adjust firewall settings to allow incoming connections from outside IP addresses.


If the appliance is using a VPN to get back into your network, ensure the source network is allowed by any firewall between it and the Control Center.

Pulse Caveat

When the appliance uses Pulse to determinate network connectivity, it creates a static entry for the server when it goes out of band.  This allows the appliance to keep trying the in-band connection while operating out of band.  For this to work, the management interface must remain up and, as a result, the connected network will remain in the appliance's routing table.

If the appliance and the Control Center are on the same network, and the appliance's connection to that network is interrupted, the appliance won't be able to heartbeat while out of band because when it tries to send packets to the Control Center, it will send them out its management interface.

Control Center:

Both in-band and out-of-band, the appliance maintains a connected route to  If the Control Center were on a different network, it wouldn't match the connected route and would get routed correctly through the appliance's PPP interface.

For best results, place the appliance and Control Center on separate subnets.

Last updated on 2015-01-16 16:08:26 UTC.
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