Why is RADIUS authentication not working?

If the appliance is configured to use RADIUS, but you are not able to log in, verify the following settings.

Basic AAA Server Configuration: Ensure the appliance is pointed to the correct IP address and is using the proper port and shared secret.

Basic Appliance Configuration: Check for "fail over to local" or "cache passwords" options that could be obscuring the problem. Disabling these options to isolate the RADIUS testing is only recommended if the appliance has a good heartbeat relationship with the Control Center. Otherwise, lockout may occur.

Check Firewall Rules: If a firewall is between the appliance and the AAA server, ensure that there are no firewall rules or ACLs affecting traffic.

Check AAA Server filters: Some RADIUS servers require a client list or client filter. Even if properly configured, the appliance may not be able to authenticate to the AAA server if it is not authorized to do so.

Last updated on 2015-08-26 13:53:43 UTC.
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