Can archived data be deleted from the appliance?

It is possible to purge appliance archive files that have not been pushed to a Control Center using the configure system archive command (configure envoy archive in RMOS version 3.3 or earlier) from the appliance's command line.  The user must have "admin" or "analyst" role access on the appliance in question or, alternatively, must have the "allow config system archive" permission.

To remove queued archives:

  1. Run config system archive.
  2. Hit to keep the previous settings when prompted to select the "Time Between Archivals" and "Maximum Archives Stored Locally."
  3. The next prompt will read "Remove Queued Archive Files: (y/n)" and you should answer "y" to this to delete the archives that have not yet been sent to the Control Center.

Note: In later versions you will not be prompted with "Remove Queued Archive Files: (y/n)".   The command "config system clear archive" is used instead.
Last updated on 2015-01-16 16:08:20 UTC.
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