Seatel MXP DAC Legacy Mode

There is currently a bug in the Seatel Legacy Mode that prohibits our diver from working.  We will be implementing a fix in a future software release.   For now, follow the steps below to enable DACREMP functionality on a Seatel Device set to Legacy Mode.


The following steps will illustrate how to put your Seatel DAC into Legacy Mode.

Please Note: The console port of the Seatel MXP uses the DCE pinout on a DB-9 male adapter.  The interface ships by default in CLI mode but can be configured for Legacy via the TCP port.

  1. Configure an alias on your workstation within the same subnet as the Seatel
  2. Telnet to the default IP Address (or the ip address configured on your Seatel MXP DAC over port 2003
  3. Login as one of the default users:
    • Dealer/seatel3
    • SysAdmin/seatel2
    • User/seatel1
  4. Execute the command:  "set interface console mode legacy"


Follow the steps below to configure your Uplogix Appliance to work with a Seatel DAC in Legacy Mode.

  1. Configure the Port's make to "native" during the config init process.
  2. Enable Terminal Mirroring via the CLI Applet 
    • Navigate to the Control Center Web GUI
    • Click the CLI button for the appropriate appliance. This will open the CLI Applet
    • Navigate to the port with the Seatel DAC
    • Config init the port and set the Make to "native"
    • While in the CLI Applet, click on "Terminal" in the top left hand corner of the window 
    • Click on Forward
    • Check the Box at the bottom with the Mirror Option and click apply.  You can also set your own port instead of a randomly chosen port. 

Please Note: You will need to perform the Terminal Mirror portion of these steps each time you connect to your Seatel DAC


Once you've completed the steps above the port will support DACREMP through the Uplogix interface.

Last updated on 2015-11-11 23:09:02 UTC.
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